To enable paging it needs to add property paging: true.
Paging adds bar to grid and transform it to panel.
So let us also add title for a moment for better look.

Bar sides

There are 3 ways to display paging bar.
On bottom, on top and on both top and bottom.
For that there property barType.

Bar type - top

Bar type - both

Page size

To change page size there is property pageSize and pageSizeData for combo with values.


Let us imagine that we need to do paging of grid outside not over clicking on grid bar.
More about methods Doc Methods. Here is list of all paging methods:
  • nextPage() - next page
  • prevPage() - previous page
  • setPage(2) - set page
  • firstPage() - first page
  • lastPage() - past page
  • setPageSize(25) - set page size
  • getPage() - get page
  • getPageSize() - get page size