JavaScript grid library with charts integration and server communication.


Massive number of features: Paging, Sorting, Filtering, Validation, Ajax data, Files data, RESTful, flexible CRUD, Integration with charts, Form module, Theming, Touch Support, AngularJS directive and others.

Charts Integration

FancyGrid is integrated(data binding) with chart libraries: HighCharts and sparklines.


Intelligent modules system auto detects and loads needed modules.


Good Documentation, Elegant API, Number of Samples and Professional Support.

Features List

JSON Data Array Data Ajax data File data CRUD RESTful Delayed Saving Changes Filtering Server Filtering Sorting Multi Sorting Server Sorting Paging Server Paging Cells styling Selection CheckBox Selection Date Column Charts Integration Sparklines columns Locking columns Column drag Formatting Grouped Header Grouping Rows Row Expander Sub Grid Sub Form Tree Grid Row Edit Controllers Validation Order Column i18n Form Module Others

Suit well for all project types - both complex apps and simple site tables.

Business Analytics with charts integration and interactivity of all your changes and actions.

Live data edit.

Simple site tables.

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