• buttons

    There are 4 bars in FancyForm.
    They are: tbar, subTBar, bbar, buttons.
    Syntax is almost the same for all bars.
    The main purpose of buttons is alternative for bbar.
    When paging is enabled, bbar is busy.
    subTBar is used as extra bar for grid's top when
    tbar is not enough.


    buttons: [{
      type: 'button',
      text: 'Text 1',
      handler: function(){
      type: 'button',
      text: 'Text 2',
      handler: function(){

    Example: separator

    To set separator between items use shortcut |

    bbar: [{
      text: 'Text 1'
      type: 'button'

    Example: side

    If to set 'side' element than all elements after it will be floated to right side.

    bbar: ['side', {
      text: 'Clear'
      type: 'Submit'