Discount till the 1-st of January
Developer License - 5%
SaaS License - 5%
Contact over sales email:

Do licenses have features limitation?
Even free version containes all features!

What are differences comparing to other commercial grids?
1 - FancyGrid is much cheaper than competitors.
2 - Support over Slack/TeamViewer.
3 - Form module to edit grid.
4 - Charts intergrations and DataViz features.

Why is FancyGrid so cheap?
We run our product in 2016 but our competitors are famous for more than 5-8 years.
To become more popular we provide discount on bulk licenses.

I want to hide logo of product. How to do it?
It requires to buy License and include on page License Key.

Do you have OEM and SaaS Licenses?

What are OEM and SaaS Licenses?
SaaS is Software as a Service. If you will be selling FancyGrid as part of a SaaS then you require a SaaS license.
OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer. If you will be selling FancyGrid as part of your product then you require OEM license.

Can I use the Free(Non-Commercial) License for a government organization?
Governmental or intergovernmental organizations are not covered by the Non-Commercial License. Contact us for assistance in identifying your license needs.

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