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We are always welcome to feedbacks.

Feature Request:
If you need feature that is missed than please do not hesitate to ask.
We will add it in our TODO list.

I found bug on site.
First clear cache if it won't help that let us know, please.

My code stops work.
If you include library from self domain and have bug than check that set Fancy.MODULESDIR

Grid sorts wrong.
If column has type string it will sort number values as string.
Change column with number values to column type number.

Why loaded data is not shown?
If you are using jQuery than data should follow strict rules.
Example: extra comma will stop success load event.

Why does cell become dirty for date column if it was not changed?
If value of day/month less than 10 and has 1 digit than in grid it will be replaced with 01-09.
01 is not equal to 1 that's why cell becomes dirty.
To avoid it, change data for day/month from 1 digit to 2 digits.

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