React Grid Component

Approach in this section is old and uses CommonJS require.

React is one the most popular JavaScript framework.
Almost all JavaScript libraries does some component wrapper for frameworks (React, Angular, Vue), we either.
To do component for React is simple thing.
Let us start from 2 samples of wrapper for FancyGrid on JSFiddle.
Link on sample React Grid Component
Link on sample React Form Component

If these 2 samples are complex for you than we advice to spend several hours with React Tutorial from official site QUICK START.
You can run them on JSFiddle that avoid complex issues with webpack and other tools.

If you feel ok with React than let us start
We have 2 repos:
FancyGrid-React - React FancyGrid Components.
FancyGrid-React-Seed - React FancyGrid sample.
We advice to start from sample repo.
You would need install repo npm install fancygrid-react-seed and run these commands:

npm install
Than open /dist/index.html to see the results.
After that you can learn React FancyGrid Components

1. Install via NPM

npm install fancygrid-react
2. Add your grid element to the DOM

<div id="container"></div>
3. Require the FancyGrid component

var Grid = require('fancygrid-react').grid;
4. Render your grid

var gridConfig = {

  <Grid config={gridConfig} />,