Our Goals

 FancyGrid and its related products encapsulate data management and business attitudes in code.

Our Team

We are team of geeks and are spread on 3 countries: Finland(Helsinki Area), New Zealand(Auckland), India(Bangalore).

Meet Our Products


JavaScript Grid Library

FancyGrid is professional product for any kind complexity:

  • Business Analytics
  • CRUD applications
  • Live data edit
  • Tables(grids) for sites

FancyGrid is plugin-free library, it has no dependencies but integrated with Angular, AngularJS, React, Vue, jQuery.
In FancyGrid it was done big focus on charts integration and server data communication.
Charts Integration means:
  • Data binding of grid with chart. Edit and sort data runs auto updating charts
  • Sparklines columns

Both chart with grid binding and sparklines cells are clear, memorable and impressive approach of data
viewing that helps affectively solve business tasks.
Server communications means:
  • Ajax data
  • Loading files
  • RESTful
  • Self CRUD
  • Flexible API configuration


JavaScript Form Library

FancyForm is big sub product that well integrated with grid.
It can be used as standalone solution without any dependencies.
Field types:

  • button
  • checkbox
  • combo
  • date
  • hidden
  • line
  • number
  • password
  • radio
  • segbutton
  • set
  • string
  • switcher
  • tab
  • textarea


JavaScript Error Tracking Library

FancyTrack is light alternative to TrackJS service.
On GitHub


JavaScript Mockup Data Generation Library

FancyData is light alternative to Mockaroo service.
On GitHub

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